Victoria Davidoff

I love you like i love LA
Like a blister or a little sister
It just hurts

Bitten cheeks hurt thy feet
Kundle is my ketamine

Sickling drink your think
Lemon vodka sippy cup

You hate on drugs you have never even tried

Did you know you’re made of light a bee would die for its own life

There was ash in her raspberry bush

You would not believe
I saw the blood of jesus
On the yellow bus

You cracked an egg and I thought it was a voice in my head

I want a picture of my photography
Framed in the bathroom of a lobby

Why are you so close

Chaos without consequences
He smelled like my sink

You are so cute baby
Dont rip my clothes baby
Dont hurt other babies

Your beauty is there and brown

Women make money
Text me

Pretty picture parliament

You lie to survive that’s your vivre

You rolled a blunt at the bank

My vape reminds me of your tires
The way you hit them when you’re tired

No one’s an island

My wax pen is white and it’s like a wand
My pen floats like a feather