Meredith Stisser

This Is How You Fix It


When so much writing already exists
a guide book feels like the only way
to rationalize making something new
We do not need more tools,
we need to know which tools
The wheel cannot get much rounder
What with the Bible being so popular and all


If you keep your hands
in a triangle over your womb
to tune into the ancient wisdom of all of the women who came before you
when faced with forks in Journey's road
you will not be led astray
or take the wrong probiotic
for more than a month or two.


While you perform for the audience
pretend that the audience is your most authentic self
I'm sure you like them better now.


When you take care of a baby
most of the day consists of teaching them
all of the things they can say
I cannot wait to have my own baby
so he can repeat beautiful things


We've all got a good feeling about my new boyfriend
It's different this time
His wife really likes me


Scratch that, scrub it off, actually
Rolling around in the integration and aftermath
of the canonical event in which
"a young woman writer who charms an older man, spends the weekend with his family in the woods, and now must reckon with her own preferences, ambitions and ideals, as the illusion of any definitive adulthood is shattered for the 3,099th time" on this fine Wednesday.


I tucked the lighter in my pocket,
and the three of us walked inside.
I cannot remember what made you say it,
but thank god you did
“It’s ok to sell art
It’s ok to sell knowledge,
but it’s not ok to sell salvation”
Something to fall to my knees for,
to warrant all of the stupid kneeling I’d done


“To be invited” is different than “to ask and receive permission”
We both asked permission for things that urge invitation.
I guess we’re even,
all is well, I’ll leave it in Tahoe,
on the side of the road
with the piece of bumper
that couldn’t bear it any longer
and jumped so I didn’t have to.
The Donner Party made it clear that survival favors children,
and I took this trip to release the girl in me,
forgetting that she
is all
that staves off hungry men


Let's stop doing standup
and just make up a dance to do over and over
in the front yard
That'll fix it