L Scully


we put our dogs on a leash and our grandmas in a home and money in our pockets (so much money in our pockets) our surrenders on the front porch our shame in an infographic our uselessness into love skimmed milk in our coffee our toes in boys’ mouths a copyright on everything our copy is everything our righteousness a copy of what we thought was everything intentionality is dead long live the king ! I wasn’t prepared for the Hooters girls having their asses out I thought it was all tits yes I was taken by surprise all I am looking for in this life is surprise may we all die at home may we all die at home may we all die at home I left my heart in a luxury new build I left my goodness in an athleisure boutique I left my atheism in a hospital chair I know what all people know I am becoming kinder and easier to tolerate I am putting my toe in your mouth because I am kind like that and want you to think I am cultured in all the ways that are important I am not but I sure do have a basemented work ethic sometimes when I am crying you tell me the defeats of this mortal plane don’t matter because we will love in a life beyond this one and I pray you don’t put me in a home one day just please be my home.

Little Pest

dead squirrel in the road - remember the night you lost your mind - accused me of being some angel - squirrel shakes - maybe still in the moments before death - my face in your hands - what are you what are you what are you - demanding my inhumanity - hurting my neck just a little - I am always the accused - I met you in the moments before life - the condom wrapper you found under my bed - your eyes wild in the dark - my wings protruding in the light of the computer - I don’t know what I am - you have me you have me you have me - roadkill - dismembered with the promise of getting somewhere - the squirrel didn’t know what was coming - you didn’t know what was coming - only I knew what was coming - goodnight little pest - angels don’t know how to love.