Kitty Saint-Rémy

1. The Ligatures

They say a mood is true today; tomorrow is just a fantasy. I’m counting on debauchery in Babylon.  I’m pouring wine into your mouth at an orgy. All the girls you’ve ever loved are there, 10 years younger, with deeper throats.

You’ve always been a very lucky man. You’ve always been surrounded by women who take pride in how they set their tables; whose love is born from fiction, and who have never suffered, in the age of the virgin wife…in the age of the party girl, who’s fated to die, wishing she’d never been born.

2. The Night and Revolutions

Behold your neighbor’s son. His palm is out,
on the ground, before you and empty,
the dirt beneath fingernails proof of his love.
A gospel unwinds, like pearls from a spine.
The waves always fall here. The hands always rise.

Kitty Saint-Rémy is a poet and researcher who lives and works in New York, though she’s often elsewhere. Her work has been featured in shitwonder, Sarka, and others, with poems forthcoming in Fence. She loves kissing her friends and hates encounters with law enforcement.